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Avatar: Special Edition theatrical re-release TV spot

20th Century Fox has begun running a TV spot for the upcoming Avatar: Special Edition theatrical re-release. As previously reported, this new edition includes about 8 minutes of additional footage. It will hit theaters, in 3D, on August 27 for a limited time. Check out the TV spot after the jump.

Avatar has already grossed more than $2.73 billion worldwide (including $749.686M domestically).

Source: YouTube

  • Schiefy

    While “Avatar” was an impressive visual feast I really found the storyline to be less impressive. Thus, I have no desire to see this movie again until I pick up a decent Blu-Ray edition for a cheap price. (Disclaimer: I realize that the same might have been said about the original Star Wars which I did see over 40 times in the movie theater but maybe that was because it really was a quantum leap in cinema fx compared to what existed then but with Avatar I just don't see the same dynamics working for me.)