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Weekend Box Office Numbers (April 16-18, 2010): Kick-Ass opens in 1st, but with disappointing $19.8M, ‘Dragon’ close 2nd with $19.6M; Date Night 3rd ($16.7M) and Death at a Funeral opens in 4th ($16.2M) [UPDATE]

Update: Article and chart updated with final actual numbers.

A slight reduction in the numbers from the studio estimates for How to Train Your Dragon allowed for Kick-Ass to take first, albeit with a still very weak $19.829 million. Heading into the weekend, expectations were for at least $25M with many expecting a $30M+ opening weekend. The film, obviously, fell far short of those projections. The horrible marketing campaign from distributing studio Lionsgate likely played a large role in its weak debut.

How to Train Your Dragon was a very competitive 2nd with $19.633 million (a little less than $400,000 below the studio estimate) in its fourth weekend ($158.251M cume). Here are the Friday to Sunday breakdowns for Kick-Ass and How to Train Your Dragon (note how ‘Dragon’ easily carried both Saturday and Sunday and the very unwelcome Saturday night decline for ‘Kick-Ass’):

  • Kick-Ass: $7.657M on Friday [#1], -5.8% on Saturday [#3] to $7.211M and -31.2% on Sunday [#2] to $4.96M.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: $4.404M on Friday [#4], +106.9% on Saturday [#1] to $9.111M and -32.9% on Sunday [#1] to $6.118M.

The only other wide new release was the Sony comedy Death at a Funeral which opened in fourth place with an underperforming $16.217 million. Rounding out the top five were Date Night in third place ($16.72M / $48.667M cume) and Clash of the Titans in fifth ($15.385M / $132.6M cume). Click over the jump for the weekend chart.

Weekend Chart for April 16 – April 18, 2010: [Updated with final actual numbers]

1 Kick-Ass $19,828,687 NEW 3,065 NEW $19,828,687
2 How to Train Your Dragon $19,633,320 -21.0% 3,825 -182 $158,251,066
3 Date Night $16,720,038 -33.7% 3,380 +6 $48,666,799
4 Death at a Funeral $16,217,540 NEW 2,459 NEW $16,217,540
5 Clash of the Titans $15,385,491 -40.8%
3,753 -49
6 The Last Song $5,962,916 -39.4%
2,767 +93 $50,187,855
7 Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? $4,098,898 -62.8%
1,859 -296 $54,801,812
8 Alice in Wonderland $3,656,442 -31.0%
2,024 -506 $324,131,301
9 Hot Tub Time Machine $3,490,471 -35.7%
2,308 303 $42,449,935
10 The Bounty Hunter $3,084,020 -26.8%
2,475 -426 $60,261,888

Sources: Box Office Mojo