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Sony denies Logan Lerman will play Spider-Man

HitFix reported yesterday that ‘Percy Jackson’ star Logan Lerman was the top contender and a “almost 100% locked” to play Peter Parker Marc Webb’s Spider-Man, but Deadline New York’s Mike Fleming relays Sony’s “definitive” denial on the casting story:

…insiders at Sony say that the young actor is not getting the role. In fact, these sources were very definitive in denying the story, and were sure that Lerman was 100% not going to be Spidey and that he is not on the list of candidates being seriously considered. for the new film that will be directed by (500) Days of Summer helmer Marc Webb…

In an update, HitFix stands by their initial story:

Sony Pictures has issued an official denial that Lerman is a contender for the role or that there is, at this point, a short list. That denial was run at Deadline Hollywood by Michael Fleming, and the same source at Sony Corporate wrote to HitFix this evening, 30 hours after our initial attempts to contact them for comment.

Sony’s track record on “Spider-Man” story denials is important to keep in mind, however. When development on “Spider-Man 4” was put on hiatus in December of last year, IESB broke the story, and Sony denied it completely. Even when internal memos that explained the hiatus to department heads on the film circulated among film journalists, Sony continued to say there was no interruption in progress on the film. Immediately afterwards, Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire left the picture and the reboot was announced.

HitFix stands behind its initial source on this story, and will bring you further updates as they occur.

Spider-Man is scheduled to hit conventional and 3D theaters on July 3, 2012.