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Box Office Numbers for Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon grossed $4.815 million on Monday ($48.546M domestic cume), down about 66% from Sunday. That’s actually a fairly solid number and even out-performs last year’s Monsters vs. Aliens which although it had a better opening weekend — $62.8M vs. $43.7M — had a weaker Sunday to Monday hold: -65.9% / $4.8M for ‘Dragon’ vs. -80.7% / $3.5M for “Monsters vs. Aliens”. That could be an indication that ‘Dragon’ will have better legs.  Then again there’s considerably more 3D competition this year compared to last what with three films competing for 3D audiences starting next week: “Clash of the Titans”, “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Rounding out the top five was Alice in Wonderland ($1.979M / $295.514M domestic cume) in second, Hot Tub Time Machine ($1.545M / $15.566M domestic cume) in third, Diary of a Wimpy Kid ($1.241M / $37.139M domestic cume) in fourth and The Bounty Hounter ($1.048M / $39.466M domestic cume) in fifth. Head on over the jump to see the complete daily chart.

Daily Box Office Chart for Monday, March 29, 2010

Rank Movie Monday Gross Change from Sunday Theaters
1 How To Train Your Dragon $4,814,766 -65.9% 4,055
2 Alice in Wonderland $1,978,722 -63.1% 3,384
3 Hot Tub Time Machine $1,545,088 -60.7% 2,754
4 Diary of a Wimpy Kid $1,240,561 -58.9% 3,083
5 The Bounty Hunter $1,047,772 -64.0%
6 She’s Out of My League $403,180 -57.5%
7 Green Zone $358,960 -62.2%
8 Repo Men $352,660 -60.6%
9 Shutter Island $337,739 -61.4%
10 Avatar $243,746 -62.0%

Source: Box Office Mojo