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82nd Annual Academy Awards: Most-watched since 2005; Barbara Walters & Red Carpet specials also strong

Update: Final numbers have been released.

“The 82nd Annual Academy Awards”: 23.3/37 HH rating/share (+13%), 41.70M viewers (+15% / +5.39M) and a 13.3/33 A18-49 rating/share (+10%)

“Barbara Walters Oscar Special”: 9.4/16 HH rating/share (+29%), 14.99M viewers (+30% / +3.44M) and a 3.6/10 A18-49 rating/share (+16%)

“Oscar’s Red Carpet 2010”: 15.2/24 HH rating/share (+5%), 25.33M viewers (+4% / +0.97M) and a 6.9/19 A18-49 rating/share (-4%)

Original article follows below the fold.

Original article follows below

ABC’s telecast of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards last night qualifies as the most-watched entertainment telecast since 2005. According to Nielsen’s time-zone adjusted fast national ratings, the telecast averaged 41.3 million viewers and a 13.1 A18-49 rating from 8:30-11:39 p.m. ABC further notes that the telecast reached 70.0 million unique television viewers (unduplicated Viewers 2+ watching 6-minutes or more during its telecast).  The telecast was up 14% / 5.0M in viewers (41.3M vs 36.3M) and 8% in A18-49 rating (13.1 vs. 12.1).

Meanwhile, the Barbara Walters Oscar Special from 7:00-8:00 p.m. drew an average of 15.0 million viewers (the most since 2002) and Oscar’s Red Carpet 2010 drew an average of 25.1 million viewers from 8:00-8:30 p.m. (the most since 2007).

The press release is included below. I’ll update this post later when the final numbers are released.

Sunday, March 7, 2010 – Based on Nielsen’s True Fast National Ratings

ABC’s Broadcast of the “82nd Annual Academy Awards” Qualifies As Television’s Most-Watched Entertainment Telecast Since 2005

Posting its 2nd Straight Year of Gains, “Oscars” Surge Year to Year by 5.0 Million Viewers and by 8% in Adults 18-49, the Show’s Most-Watched Telecast in 5 Years

“Barbara Walters Special” Draws Biggest Overall Audience Since 2002

“2010 Oscars” Reach 70.0 Million Unique Viewers Across the United States
The “82nd Annual Academy Awards” (8:30-11:39 p.m.)
ABC’s broadcast of the “82nd Annual Academy Awards” attracted an average audience of 41.3 million Total Viewers and posted a 13.1 rating among Adults 18-49, based on Nielsen’s “Fast National” ratings. The “82nd Annual Academy Awards” registered as TV’s most-watched entertainment telecast since 2005 – since 2/27/05.

* Posting its 2nd straight year of gains, the “Oscars” surged year to year by 5.0 million viewers (41.3 million vs. 36.3 million) and by 8% in Adults 18-49 (13.1 rating vs. 12.1 rating), the show’s most-watched telecast overall in 5 years – since 2005.

* ABC’s “82nd Annual Academy Awards” (41.3 million) towered above other awards shows this season, outdrawing the 2009 “Emmy Awards” by 27.8 million viewers (13.5 million), the 2010 “Golden Globe Awards” by 24.3 million viewers (17.0 million) and the 2010 “Grammy Awards” by 15.4 million viewers (25.9 million).

* ABC’s “82nd Annual Academy Awards” reached 70.0 million unique television viewers across the U.S. – unduplicated Viewers 2+ watching 6-minutes or more during its telecast.

“Oscar’s Red Carpet 2010” (8:00 – 8:30 p.m.)
With “Oscar’s Red Carpet 2010” pre-show, ABC pulled in 25.1 million viewers, drawing the special’s largest audience since 2007.

“Barbara Walters Special” (7:00 – 8:00 p.m.)
ABC’s telecast of “Barbara Walters Special” drew an average audience of 15.0 million viewers, up year to year by 3.4 million viewers (2009 = 11.6 million). In fact the final “Barbara Walters Special” attracted its biggest overall audience in 8 years – since 2002.