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Legend of the Seeker NOT canceled?

Mike Sussman, one of the writers on the syndicated sci-fi series Legend of the Seeker, has written on his Twitter account that contrary to earlier reports, “plans are ongoing for season three” and that the show has NOT been canceled:

“Everyone, please, chillax. #LegendoftheSeeker has *not* been cancelled. Plans are ongoing for season three. Spread the word.”

I suppose what’s happening here is the local stations owned by Tribune will not be running the third season, but that doesn’t mean other stations in those areas won’t pick the show up .

  • kate

    i hope it stays on its a great show

  • kate

    i hope it stays on its a great show

  • John_wallace_1967

    can someone please verify one way or another,if anyone knows for sure,if legend of the seeker is being renewed for a third season,i am a big fan and loved the show