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Box Office Numbers for Thursday, March 4, 2010: Avatar ($1.65M) back on top; Shutter Island ($1.62M) falls to second

Avatar has been getting an added boost this week due it leaving most if not all of its 3D screens to make room for Alice in Wonderland this weekend, and throughout the course of the week it has been creeping up to Shutter Island. Well yesterday it finally took first place, albeit just narrowly: $1.647 million ($712.489M domestic cume) to $1.62 million for Shutter Island ($82.525M domestic cume). Day-to-day Avatar was up 7%, but compared to last Thursday, the film was up 37%.

Since release, Avatar has never dropped below $1.2 million on any individual day, has never been lower than fourth place and has held the top spot on 54 of its 77 days. Very impressive. Head on over the jump to see the complete daily chart.

Daily Box Office Chart for Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rank Movie Thursday Gross Percent Change from Wednesday Theaters
1 Avatar $1,646,578 +7.0% 2,456
2 Shutter Island $1,620,023 -1.9% 3,003
3 Cop Out $1,119,400 -4.9%
4 The Crazies $906,141 -5.4% 2,476
5 Valentine’s Day $552,342 +2.6%
6 ‘Percy Jackson’ $460,761 -0.9%
7 Dear John $355,715 +1.4%
8 Crazy Heart $342,151 +1.1%
9 The Wolfman $319,515 -4.5%
10 The Tooth Fairy $166,043 -2.8%

Source: Box Office Mojo