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Fox entertainment president talks 24, Human Target, Fringe + more

THR Feed’s James Hibberd interviewed Kevin Reilly, president of Entertainment for Fox, and Reilly talked about some of the network’s suspected “on-the-bubble” shows including 24, Human Target, Lie to Me, Fringe and more.  Head on over the jump for some excerpts.


THR: There’s been a lot of rumors about “24” this season. You’ve got a sense of the ratings so far, what’s the call?

Reilly: It’s a very tough call. It’s a huge part of our legacy, and there’s not a lot of shows that could do a 9 share against the Olympics. Tremendous sales asset for us still; a show we’re so very proud of creatively. So it’s not an easy call.

Human Target

THR: I’m digging Human Target,” but its ratings seem very on the fence.

Reilly: Unfortunately, our launch got all dumbed up on that. We started by getting screwed on the big football lead-in we were supposed to have on the launch night, then we had to double play it, and then the president bumped us from the time period. It was really all over the place the first four weeks. I keep hearing people say they like it, and I have my hunches that it’s settling at 8 and is going to get hit by daylight-savings time, so I don’t think the story is going to be in the numbers. But by the end of that run, we may end up with the perception that this is kind of an overperformer. I’ve believed from the get-go that there’s something there, so that’s a show I’d like to bring back next year.

Lie to Me

THR: What about “Lie to Me”?

Reilly: It’s already ordered a back nine; we’ll have 11 or so episodes left to air. We’ll pair it with another show for an original block of something and probably extend it into next summer. I already see that being a player next fall.


THR: Scripted block on Thursdays, here to stay?

Reilly: Yes, absolutely. I’m really looking at the back half of the year when we’ll bring the combo back on again. “Bones” hit highs in January. People haven’t abandoned “Fringe”; it’s just the only scripted four-way race, and frankly we’ve heard from fans it’s not they don’t want to watch it anymore, it just may have moved to their second choice; they’re picking it up on their DVRs or Hulu. When there’s wiggle room in time period, they come back.

Reilly also spoke about The Wanda Sykes Show (too early to say) and replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol (discussions ongoing).