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Guillermo del Toro reveals discussions are underway for The Hobbit in 3D

Last year Guillermo del Toro shot down reports that MGM and Warner Brothers were discussing releasing The Hobbit in 3D, and in fact denying the reports on forums.  However, at the time Del Toro also wrote that if at any point in the future those discussions did take place, he would update the site.  Well, that time is now:

I wouldn’t read much on it just yet, but now, after all this time, after AVATAR doing the Box Office it did, we have had enquires from above about The Hobbit being in 3-D. No impositions or heavy leaning. Just enquires. Just fulfilling my promise to let you all know if discussions ever started.  Cheers,  GDT

In all honesty here, coupling the enormous popularity of The Lord of the Rings and the incredible box office successes of Avatar in 3D (at $2.55 billion and counting), 3D seems like such a no brainier.