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Fox in Early Talks for Avatar Sequel + Avatar DVD/Blu-ray Could Be Out By June

Asked for an update on a potential sequel to James Cameron’s wildly successful Avatar, News Corp. (owner of 20th Century Fox) chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said on his quarterly earnings call today that they are in “very early talks” with Cameron, who is says “has ideas” for a sequel.

But Murdoch cautioned analysts “not to hold your breath for an early one”, signaling a longer development time for the sequel that what is typical for most Hollywood sequels. With regards to the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release, Murdoch said that it will be released sometime during the company’s current fiscal year, which ends June 30th.  He also re-iterated something Cameron said recently about the initial release being 2D only, with a 3D release sometime after:

But he also highlighted that it won’t be a 3D DVD release as that technology isn’t developed enough yet. But Carey added there could be a 3D “Avatar” DVD release further “down the road” when the technology is ready.

Source: THR