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Warner Brothers Will Make Decision on Clash of the Titans 3D Soon

Looks like Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier spoke too soon when he said in a recent interview that the studio had decided against converting the film in 3D.

In an interview with BoxOffice.com, Leterrier had the following to say:

For a moment, there was talk of releasing Clash in 3D?

Leterrier: It was on, then it was off. So I did an interview saying, ‘No, no, no, it’s not going to happen.’ But now it’s back on.

It’s back on?

Leterrier: We’re doing some tests. The problem is, we want to do it right. We’re going along with it and we’re doing a lot of tests by the people that actually did some of the shots in Avatar. In Avatar, some stuff was shot in 3D and some stuff was shot with a very wide lens. It’s very interesting—I’ve yet to see the results, but frankly, I shot it better than I would have shot a 3D movie because I never thought I would do it as a 3D movie. Everything is coming at the camera. So if we do the 3D conversion and it looks good, it’s going to be such a ride. Everything is going to come right at your face. It’s going to be a pretty dynamic movie.

The news was also confirmed by THR’s Heat Vision blog. Leterrier says that the tests will come back on February 2nd, and a decision will be made on February 3rd.

As THR notes, the move would be a big step for 3D exhibition, as Clash of the Titans is slated to hit theaters the same day (March 26, 2010) as DreamWorks Animation’s 3D How to Train Your Dragon.

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