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James Cameron Options Charles Pellegrino’s The Last Train From Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back

Director James Cameron (Avatar) has optioned the rights to Charles Pellegrino’s upcoming nonfiction book The Last Train From Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back.  Cameron took time off from promoting Avatar while in Japan this past December to visit one of the last survivors of the U.S. bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Tsutomu Yamaguchi.  Yamaguchi died on Monday at the age of 93.

The novel takes place over the course of two days detailing the events surrounding the dropping of the two nuclear bombs through eyewitness accounts of the Japanese civilians and American pilots who experienced the explosions firsthand.  Yamaguchi was the sole survivor to have experienced the full effects of the detonations at ground zero both times. Pellegrino’s book will be released on January 19th.

Source: Variety