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Clash of the Titans Won’t Be 3D + Score Details

In an interview with MTV, Clash of the Titans director Louis Leterrier confirmed that they were looking into doing the film in 3D — first brought to light by star Sam Worthington — but says that time constraints ultimately forced them to abandon the conversion…at least for its theatrical release:

“We tried [to do 3-D for ‘Clash’].’ We tried hard. We just won’t have time,” Leterrier explained. “Maybe we possibly can re-release it in 3-D.”

“Because it was Sam Worthington, I could hear all these 3-D stories from ‘Avatar.’ And James Cameron was calling often, and I was like ‘Guys, I’m doing the best i can with [the two dimensions] I’ve got!’ So if we ever get to do [‘Clash’] in 3-D, that would be fantastic. But it’ll never be as good as James Cameron’s stereoscopic 3-D.”

Leterrier also addressed rumors about Muse being on the soundtrack.

“It was not Muse ever, it was Matt Bellamy [who I spoke to about providing music]. I love Muse, I’m the biggest Muse fan ever, but I wanted something a little different,” Leterrier explained. “[Matt] wrote a lot of stuff, but he started his tour. So not so long ago, he called me and he was like ‘Louis, I’m so sorry. I have to be respectful to my audience and professional and I have to stop on ‘Clash.'”

“Craig Armstrong is still doing the score and I called my friend Neil Davidge from Massive Attack to replace Matt for the areas that Matt was doing. So it’ll be Craig Armstrong and Massive Attack, which is pretty exciting.”

Clash of the Titans is scheduled to hit theaters on March 26, 2010.