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Cowboys & Aliens May Be Filmed in 3D

Not surprisingly, the amazing box office run of James Cameron’s sci-fi 3D feature Avatar is pushing studios into the direction of 3D.  From The Daily Beast:

“There’s no doubt that people all through the industry over the holidays were thinking, ‘Should we do this movie in 3-D? Is this worthy?’” says DreamWorks CEO Stacey Snider. The company has already started talking about when it would make sense to use the technique.

One of the latest films that could get the 3D treatment is DreamWorks’ Cowboys & Aliens:

The Avatar factor could make the difference on Cowboys and Aliens, a DreamWorks project to be directed by Jon Favreau that starts shooting in July. (Plot line: Settlers and Indians put aside their differences when a spaceship crash-lands in their town.)

Rumor has it that director Ridley Scott decided, late in the game, that he wanted Robin Hood, with Russell Crowe, to be in 3-D. But that film, set to release in May, has already been shot, and Universal has no intention of trying to 3-D-ify it now. (A curious film executive not associated with that project inquired what it would cost to take a movie in progress now and convert it to 3-D. The estimate was that it would add a minimum of $50 million to the budget and possibly three times that much.)

Read the rest of the article, “Life After Avatar”, at The Daily Beast.