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The A-Team Trailer Coming This Weekend

According to a scooper at AICN, the teaser trailer for Joe Carnahan’s The A-Team will be released this weekend:

Man, am I on the jazz now! As a movie theatre projectionist, I get the upcoming weekend’s trailer hard drive on Monday. I went to ingest that bad boy today, and what did I spy? The first official trailer for The A-Team! It’s mere presence surprised me, but the trailers 1:41 run time had me salivating. Just enough time time to watch it twice before we had to start seating for Avatar. Enough to satisfy my craving, but not enough to memorize everything and give you a full rundown. What I do remember…

Head on over to AICN to read the the trailer breakdown.  The A-Team hits theaters on June 11, 2010.