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Paramount Pictures and MTV Films Officially Announce Jackass 3D: October 15, 2010

jackass-122009Although the trades confirmed the news a few weeks ago, Paramount Pictures and MTV Films have officially announced that they’ve greenlit a 3rd film in the Jackass franchise.  Jackass 3D will begin shooting in late January with Spike Jonze and Johnny Knoxville producing.  Jeff Tremaine will return to direct.

“We’re going to take the same 3D technology James Cameron used in AVATAR and stick it up Steve O’s butt. We’re taking stupid to a whole new dimension,” Knoxville said.

Jackass: The Movie was released in 2002 and grossed a respectable $79.5 million worldwide (from a budget of just $5 million).  Jackass: Number Two did equally well, grossing $84.6 million worldwide when it was released in 2006 (from a budget of just $11.5 million).

Jackass 3D will be released on October 15, 2010.

via SlashFilm