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Sons of Anarchy – 2×13 – “Na Trioblidi”: Review/Recap

soa_2x13-2-120109Oh my.  What a shocking and impressive finale to the second season of Sons of Anarchy that was.  It’s hard to talk about this episode without spoilers, so head on over the fold for my review/recap of episode 2×13 – “Na Trioblidi”.

The episode starts off almost immediately after the events of the last episode, with Weston sitting in a jail cell and Zobelle and his daughter Polly being escorted into their own cell alongside Weston by Chief Unser.

Only a few minutes in the episode reveals a pretty major stunner: Agent Stahl informs Chief Unser that Zobelle is actually an informant for the FBI for the last three years and his dealings with the rich and powerful have basically made him untouchable, resulting the FBI having to let him go.  Weston also gets to walk because Chucky’s testimony didn’t hold up.

Don’t forget, Zobelle also has the backing of the Mayans, and he calls on them to protect him as he sets up his own plans to pack up from Charming and head to Budapest where he can rebuild.  But there will be a hold-up because Polly has decided that she wants to go see Edmund before they leave.  Clay has the opportunity to tell Alvarez that Zobelle is a rat, but decides against it because he knows it would trigger Alvarez and the Mayans to kill Zobelle.

Meanwhile in jail Big Otto returns a favor for the club and kills a League member as payback for what they did to them.  And on the Irish front, the FBI are still moving on pushing Edmund to turn in his father.

Now at a tattoo shop, Weston is getting a new tat, but the Sons are preparing to stage a hit on him.  They tell the tattoo artist to get Weston to leave the table and go to the bathroom (but without his kid).  Weston leaves, but his son follows along.  The situation doesn’t blow-up though as Jax tells Weston to tell his kid to go back.  Weston follows suit, telling his son Duke to leave and not to talk to cops, regardless of what happens to him.  Jax places Weston in a stall and shoots him six times.  The camera doesn’t show the kill, but we see blood trickle on the floor.  Jax gets part of his revenge.  Weston is dead.

Here’s where things REALLY start to breakdown.  While out doing errands with Tara and half-sack, Gemma spots Zobelle’s daughter Polly and sees it as an opportunity to seek revenge on her being part of the gang rape on her–more on this in a minute.

Meanwhile, Edmund — at the direction of his father — decides to kill Stahl with a gun he has staged away. The thing is the FBI knew about the gun and placed blanks in it.  They’re going to use this against Edmund by sending a text to Edmund’s father Cameron saying that he killed Stahl, which would get him to come to the house where the FBI could take him in.  But Stahl overreacts after getting punched by Edmund and she shoots him in the back.  Edmund is dead.

Meanwhile Polly shows up at Edmunds home — where Stahl is still hiding, figuring out a way to explain the decision (she hasn’t told her fellow agents that that Edmund is dead) — and Polly spots that Edmund has been killed.  She pulls out a gun and begins to head towards the body.  But before she looks around the corner, where she would have spotted Stahl, Gemma enters the house.  Polly believes that Gemma was the one that killed Edmund and instead of putting her gun down she turns around and Gemma shoots her in the chest.  Polly’s dead.

And now, yes, Gemma appears screwed because Stahl appears from her hiding.  Stahl tells Gemma to drop the gun and tricks her into believing that she’s letting her go.  Instead she throws a gun into Gemma’s hands — the gun Stahl used to shoot Edmund in the back —  which incriminates her.  Gemma leaves, now she’s on the run for the murder of Polly AND Edmund.  Stahl radio’s in a status update (which Edmund’s father Cameron is listening in on):

Cameron Hayes never showed, the girlfriend Polly Zobelle did.  I told Edmund to get rid of her but before he could Clay Morrow’s old lady followed her in armed.  She sucker-punched me, took my gun and shot the girl in the chest.  Edmund panicked, ran for the door, Gemma shot him in the back with my weapon.  He’s dead.  She took off. I couldn’t stop her.

Stahl has effectively covered her ass and now Cameron believes that Gemma killed his son.  Not…good.

Moving right along, the Sons follow Zobelle who is being transported to take a chartered flight to the Sacremento airport by the Mayans and the Sons open fire on Alvarez and his men.  Clay gets Alvarez to take off and the Sons go after Zobelle, who manages to get himself to a convenient store.  Luckily for him, there are a group of school children so the Sons can’t do anything to him until they clear the situation.

While waiting on Zobelle, Jax gets a call from Tara who is now at home with Jax’s son and half-sack.  Tara wants to tell Jax about Gemma going after Polly (Tara doesn’t know what happened with Gemma yet), but Cameron bursts in to take away Jax’s son Abel (Cameron saw half-sack near his son’s house and followed him to Jax’s place).  Half-sack tries to protect Abel from Cameron but ends up getting knifed to the stomach.  Half-Sack is dead.

Jax shows up at his house with Tig and Opie, and Tara informs him that Cameron took his son Abel.

Still at the convenient store, Zobelle calls the police station to get protection from the Sons who are still waiting outside (Clay and the rest, sans Jax, Opie and Tig) trying to kill him, and he talks to acting-Chief Hale.  Hale informs him that his daughter is dead.  Grappling with the situation, Zobelle has lucks out again.  Clay receives a phone call from Jax informing him of the situation with his son and asking him for help.  Clay leaves immediately with the rest of the Sons to help Jax get his son Abel back from Cameron.

The episode comes to a close with a series of cuts showing: 1) Gemma leaving Charming with Unser, and 2) the Sons chasing after Cameron who is trying to escape with Abel.  Cameron gets to the port and heads to a docked boat.  The sons arrive at the port and spot Cameron but they are too late…Cameron’s boat appears off in the distance.  He’s escaped with Abel.

The show ends with Jax collapsing on the deck of the dock.  And that’s that.

What an amazing end to the season.  It’s hard to fathom just how much went down in this episode, and it’ll start to become more in focus after I have more time to reflect on the episode, but all-in-all, they knocked it out of the park.  Everything moved by real quick but the takeaways include the deaths of Weston, Polly, Edmund and Half-Sack, Zobelle is still on the loose (although he’s not likely to be much of a problem) and now the club has to deal with both Jax’s missing son and the murder-rap on Gemma.  Whoa!

I can’t wait to see where they go with this storyline next season!