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Paul Greengrass Exits Bourne 4

The Playlist is reporting through their sources that Paul Greengrass has quit Bourne 4 (and it apparently happened more than a week ago). Apparently one of the big factors that led to Greengrass departing the project had to do with the writing process. Two scripts have been written, one from George Nolfi and another from Josh Zetumer whom Universal hired to write what they are calling a “parallel” script, but Greengrass was not consulted by Universal in the hiring of a new writer which obviously ticked him off.

But another problem deals with Green Zone, another Universal film that Greengrass directed with Matt Damon which has seen its budget rise from $100 to $150 million:

Greengrass has reshot several times (gets expensive) and has been tinkering away in the editing room for months spending Universal’s money and testing their patience. This was supposed to be a smaller movie that Greengrass made in between ‘Bourne’ films, something Universal let Greengrass make to keep him happy and part of the Uni/Bourne family, but you can bet when he said, “(expensive) Iraq War thriller,” the studio wasn’t exactly jazzed, even if Matt Damon was the star.

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