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J.J. Abrams Talks Star Trek, Fringe and Mission: Impossible IV

jjabrams-101109Producer/writer/director J.J. Abrams about several of his current and upcoming projects, including Fringe, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible IV.  Here are some excerpts:

On the possibility of shooting the “Star Trek” sequel in 3-D:

Abrams: Paramount talked to me about doing the first one in 3-D and, having it only be my second film, I was petrified just at the addition of it. I thought it would be another dimension of pain-in-the-ass. I was just like, “I want to make a decent 2-D movie.” I was so worried that instead of being a decent 2-D movie it would have been a bad 3-D one. I’m open to looking at it because now I feel a little bit more comfortable. And, if I, in fact, direct the “Star Trek” sequel, 3-D could be really fun, so I’m open to it. What I’ve seen of “Avatar” makes me want to do it because it’s so crazy-cool looking.

On what to expect from Nimoy in his role on the Abrams-produced TV series “Fringe”:
Abrams: In terms of his role as William Bell, none of us could believe our luck that we convinced him to say yes to being on the show. He is wonderful on the show. And, I will say that this is not the last you will see of his character… I don’t want to give anything away, but this is not the last you’ll see of him. He is so good and so wonderful to work with that I wouldn’t limit the possibilities of what he’ll get to do.

On the notion of having Nimoy reprise his ’60s TV role of Paris in a fourth “Mission: Impossible” film – and possibly other original cast members as well:

Abrams: How cool would that be? I just got a call that Peter Graves is in great shape, which would be a very bizarre bend in the space-time continuum, for obvious reasons. I almost feel like you could make him serious again and bring him back. Whether it’s Nimoy, who I have an incredible affinity for, or Graves or anyone, we’ll see. I actually tried to get Martin Landau in “Mission 3,” in a very small little moment just for fun, and was told that he had no interest in doing it. But then, when I met him, after the movie came out, it was the greatest thing. We were at this restaurant in New York for one of the TV Upfront parties, and someone introduced me to Landau. They took me over and Martin Landau came over to me, extended his hand, and [pretended to lift a false face off]. That was the greatest thing I’d ever seen!

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