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Broadcast TV Ratings for Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coupled with a record-high for the seventh season premiere of NCIS and the series premieres of NCIS: Los Angeles and The Good Wife, CBS easily carried the night across all three main categories.

Elsewhere on the evening, ABC finished in second place with day two of the Dancing With the Stars premiere (down significantly not just from the day prior, but from the year prior as well) along with the series premiere of The Forgotten at 10:00pm, which had a so-so debut and took second for the hour.

Rounding out the night were NBC and Fox in third and fourth place, respectively among households and viewers, although Fox took third among adults 18-49 thanks to the return of Hell’s Kitchen (two episodes). NBC saw week-to-week declines for both The Biggest Loser and The Jay Leno Show, although the latter increased slightly from Monday’s series low.

In last place was The CW. Check that. In dead last was The CW. The network did absolutely horribly last night. Both 90210 and Melrose Place were down from the week prior, but it was Melrose Place that should give the network the most issues. The show was down to below 1.5 million viewers/-20% among viewers and adults 18-49.

Full ratings and breakdown’s, including week-to-week comparisons, etc., follow after the jump.

CBS finished in first place for the evening with a 10.8/17 household rating/share, 17.35 million viewers and a 4.0/11 rating/share among adults 18-49.

Last Week:

5.8/10 HH rating/share [#2]
9.26M viewers [#2]
2.7/8 A18-49 rating/share [#2]

  • 8:00 p.m.: The seventh season premiere of NCIS (12.1/19 HH rating/share, 20.00M viewers, 4.6/13 A18-49 rating/share) notched the show its best ratings ever.  NCIS has always been a strong performer in overall audience, but has been weaker in demo performance.  While that still mostly holds true (less than 1/3 of its audience is made up viewers within the A18-49 demo), there was a huge bump in A18-49 rating for the premiere, up nearly 30% compared to a 11% boost in total viewers. That led in nicely to…

Season premiere comparison (9/23/2008 – sixth season premiere):

Households – 11.3/18 to 12.1/19 ( +7%)
Viewers – 18.03M to 20.00M (+11%/+1.97M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.6/10 to 4.6/13 (+28%)

  • 9:00 p.m.: …the series premiere of of NCIS: Los Angeles (11.1/17 HH rating/share, 18.32M viewers, 4.4/11 A18-49 rating/share) which held onto an impressive 92% of NCIS‘s viewers and an even more impressive 96% of its A18-49 rating.  An even better indicator is how the show improved nearly 20% among viewers and nearly 30% among adults 18-49 compared against last year’s series premiere launch of The Mentalist.  And we all know how well that turned out.   By the way, season two of The Mentalist premieres its new time slot this Thursday, September 24th at 10:00pm.

Season premiere comparison (The Mentalist – 9/23/2008):

Households – 9.9/15 to 11.1/17 (+12%)
Viewers – 15.60M to 18.32M (+17%/+2.72M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.5/9 to 4.4/11 (+26%)

  • 10:00 p.m.: The series premiere of The Good Wife (9.2/16 HH rating/share, 13.72M viewers, 3.1/9 A18-49 rating/share) rounded out CBS’s premiere night with a solid debut.  For comparison purposes, last year the season premiere of Without a Trace opened out of The Mentalist and drew the following ratings: 7.4/12, 11.28M, 2.8/7; with retention at 75% among households, 72% among viewers and 80% among adults 18-49.  The Good Wife meanwhile improved upon those numbers but had slightly less impressive or on-par retention numbers from its lead-in: 83%, 75% and 70.5%, respectively. All in all, a solid debut.

Last week’s numbers (Big Brother – two-hour 11th season finale – 9:00pm):

Households – 4.8/8
Viewers – 7.78M
Adults 18-49 – 2.8/8

ABC followed in second place for the evening with a 8.8/14 household rating/share and 13.29 million viewers, but was third among adults 18-49 with a 3.2/9 rating/share.

Last Week:

3.2/5 HH rating/share [#3]
4.67M viewers [#3]
1.5/4 A18-49 rating/share [#4]

  • 8:00 p.m.: Dancing With the Stars (10.0/16 HH rating/share, 15.18M viewers, 3.5/10 A18-49 rating/share) helped ABC stay in second place among households and viewers, but the day-to-day decline from the premiere on Monday night (nearly 14% among viewers and 15% among adults 18-49) could be significant.

Episode-to-episode numbers (MON; 9/21/2009 – ninth season/cycle premiere):

Households – 11.2/17 to 10.0/16 (-11%)
Viewers – 17.54M to 15.18M (-13.5%/-2.36M)
Adults 18-49 – 4.1/10 to 3.5/10 (-15%)

  • 10:00 p.m.: The series premiere of The Forgotten (6.3/11 HH rating/share, 9.53M viewers, 2.6/7 A18-49 rating/share) had a so-so debut in terms of total viewership, but its retention numbers left a lot to be desired (60% among households, 63% among viewers and 74%).  Still, we’ll get a  better sense for whether or not the series is a success, or tied directly to Dancing With the Stars, over the coming weeks.

Last week’s numbers (Shaq Vs. – 9:00pm):

Households – 2.9/5
Viewers – 4.43M
Adults 18-49 – 1.7/5

Last week’s numbers (Barbara Walters Special – Patrick Swayze: Last Dance – 10:00pm):

Households – 4.4/7
Viewers – 6.24M
Adults 18-49 – 1.9/5

NBC finished in third place for the evening with a 4.6/7 household rating/share and 7.24 million viewers, but was fourth among adults 18-49 with a 2.9/8 rating/share.

Last Week:

6.4/11 HH rating/share [#1]
10.16M viewers [#1]
3.7/10 A18-49 rating/share [#1]

  • 8:00 p.m.: With the increased competition, The Biggest Loser (4.8/8 HH rating/share, 7.48M viewers, 3.1/8 A18-49 rating/share) took a bit of a dive, down 24% among viewers and nearly 20% among adults 18-49.   That led into the second Tuesday edition of…

Week-to-week numbers (two-hour eighth season premiere):

Households – 6.2/10 to 4.8/8 (-23%)
Viewers – 9.90M to 7.48M (-24%/-2.42M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.8/11 to 3.1/8 (-18%)

  • 10:00 p.m.: …The Jay Leno Show (4.5/8 HH rating/share, 6.77M viewers, 2.4/7 A18-49 rating/share) which while it was down significantly from its week one average/week-ago performance, it did manage to rebound from Monday’s series low, especially among adults 18-49 where it was up by more than 30%.

Episode-to-episode numbers (MON; 9/21/2009):

Households – 3.8/6 to 4.5/8 (+18%)
Viewers – 5.67M to 6.77M (+19%/+1.10M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.8/5 to 2.4/7 (+33%)

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 7.1/12 to 4.5/8 ( -37%)
Viewers – 11.09M to 6.77M (-39%/-4.32M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.4/9 to 2.4/7 (-29%)

FOX followed in fourth place for the evening with a 4.0/6 household rating/share and 6.80 million viewers, but managed a second place finish among adults 18-49 with a 3.3/9 rating/share.

Last Week:

2.7/4 HH rating/share [#4]
4.29M viewers [#4]
1.7/5 A18-49 rating/share [#3]

  • 8:00 p.m.: Hell’s Kitchen (3.9/6 HH rating/share, 6.65M viewers, 3.2/9 A18-49 rating/share) returned after a one-week hiatus, and just as was the case with The Biggest Loser, the show took a hit…

Episode-to-episode numbers (9/8/2009):

Households – 4.5/7 to 3.9/6 (-13%)
Viewers – 7.97M to 6.65M (-17%/-1.32M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.7/11 to 3.2/9 (-13.5%)

  • 9:00 p.m.: ..although a second episode of Hell’s Kitchen (4.1/6 HH rating/share, 6.96M viewers, 3.4/9 A18-49 rating/share) didn’t fall further, and instead grew 5% boost in viewers and 6% among adults 18-49.

Last week’s numbers (More to Love – two-hour season finale):

Households – 2.7/4
Viewers – 4.20M
Adults 18-49 – 1.7/5

The CW finished in fifth place for the evening with a 1.3/2 household rating/share, 1.81 million viewers and a 0.9/3 rating/share among adults 18-49.

Last Week:

1.5/2 HH rating/share [#5]
2.12M viewers [#5]
1.1/3 A18-49 rating/share [#5]

  • 8:00 p.m.: 90210 (1.5/2 HH rating/share, 2.17M viewers, 1.1/3 A18-49 rating/share).  The CW has a problem. While 90210 has held steady since its premiere, these numbers are way too low for a primetime network program.  But the bigger issue comes with new series…

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 1.7/3 to 1.5/2 (-12%)
Viewers – 2.31M to 2.17M (-6%/-0.14M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.2/4 to 1.1/3 (-8%)

  • 9:00 p.m.: …Melrose Place (1.0/2 HH rating/share, 1.45M viewers, 0.8/2 A18-49 rating/share), which has just totally fallen apart.  Week-to-week the show was down 20% to a nearly invisible 1.45 million viewers and is down a horrible 37% from its premiere among viewers (2.31M to 1.45M) and 38% among adults 18-49 (a 1.3 rating to a 0.8 rating).  Not only that, but there is nearly no compatibility whatsoever with lead-in 90210.  Retention levels of just 67% among both households and viewers and 73% among adults 18-49 is definitely not what The CW expected.

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 1.3/2 to 1.0/2 (-23%)
Viewers – 1.81M to 1.45M (-20%/-0.36M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.0/3 to 0.8/2 (-20%)


Note: Network average numbers from the week prior are based on fast affiliate data. Comparison’s from the week prior (or episode-to-episode, etc.) on specific shows are based on final national data. Ratings for the current day are based on fast affiliate numbers. (Expect all three scenarios to be the case at all times, unless otherwise noted). The final rating for first-run episodes that aired this evening will be reported the following week. So for example, the final rating for tonight’s episode of “NCIS” will be reported in next weeks report for Tuesday, September 29, 2009. Also keep in mind that because these are fast affiliate numbers, when the finals are released there may be noticeable changes.

And lastly, there may be some errors in the data due to rounding/human error. I’ll do my best to limit those mistakes and correct them in time for the next week’s report.

Source: Fast Affiliate/Final National Ratings Data from Nielsen Media Research. Daily ratings figures can be found at PI Feedback, Zap2It and TV by the Numbers.