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DVD Review: Observe and Report


Bargain hunters at Forest Ridge Mall get more than they bargained for: a chubby flasher in a ratty bathrobe. They’re repulsed. Security guard Ronnie Barnhardt isn’t: This disgusting pervert is the best thing that ever happened to me! Catching the flasher may be his ticket to a real police job and to romance with a hot cosmetics-counter princess. Only one thing stands between Ronnie and destiny: a tall, handsome cop who actually knows what he’s doing. Seth Rogen, Anna Faris and Ray Liotta star in this mall-to-wall comedy covering acres of wild, sometimes raunchy, up-in-your-grill funny; all under one roof.

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Observe and Report

Available To Own On (click to purchase): DVD and Blu-ray

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Release Date: September 22, 2009  


I missed Observe and Report when it hit theaters this past April and was intrigued to see it on DVD.  The film stars Seth Rogen as Mall security guard Ronnie Barnhardt who takes his job way too seriously.  There’s a flasher terrorizing shoppers at Forest Ridge Mall and Ronnie sees catching the pervert as his way into a real police job.  Anna Farris and Ray Liotta also star.

This isn’t a laugh-out-loud type of comedy and its subject matter may be a bit too much for some audiences as Rogen’s in your face character may make it hard for audiences to like him, but fans of dark comedy will likely get a kick out of it.

The film is rounded out by a great performance by Anna Farris as a beautiful, but less than smart (to put it nicely) employee of the mall that Ronnie has a thing for.  That pairing leads to a controversial scene in the film many critics called out as a possible date rape. Ray Liotta also stars in the movie as a police detective tasked with finding the pervert in the mall and he butts heads with Ronnie who sees his investigation into the matter as an encroachment on his turf.

Put simply, Observe and Report is an over-the-top dark comedy that entertains.  That’s really all you can ask for.  It could have gone a little less dark, but I don’t think it would have worked as well had they toned down that element.


This disc is completely devoid of extras.  Yes, you read that right, it’s totally empty.  If you want to see any extras, you have one option: Blu-ray.  The Blu-ray set has several special features and Warner Bros. has opted against including them in this — as well as some other — DVD releases.  Here are the extras available only on the Blu-ray release.  I should note that the DVD includes both a Widescreen and Full Screen cut of the film, but that’s hardly an “extra”.

  • Picture-in-picture commentary track with Seth Rogan, Anna Faris, and director Jody Hill
  • Additional scenes
  • Forest Ridge Mall: Security Recruitment Video
  • Basically Training – Hollywood’s Latest Loose-Cannon Action Star Unleashed
  • Seth Rogen and Anna Faris Unscripted
  • Gag reel
  • BD-Live


Observe and Report got a bad wrap and went mostly unnoticed when it was released in theaters this past April, but I’m happy to report that for the most part I liked the movie. In terms of the DVD, having no extras hurts the score and for that reason I find it hard to recommend this as anything other than a rental (unless of course you’re picking up the Blu-ray).

I give this movie and DVD a score of 3/5.