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Broadcast TV Ratings for Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The CW kicked off the fall season a little earlier than the other networks last night, but the season two premiere of 90210 and the series premiere of Melrose Place both disappointed.

It was NBC and Fox who carried the evening, with NBC coming on top among households and viewers courtesy a two-hour installment of America’s Got Talent, and Fox taking the crown among adults 18-49 with an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

Full ratings and breakdown’s, including week-to-week comparisons, etc., follow after the jump.

NBC finished in first place for the evening with a 6.2/10 household rating/share and 10.06 million viewers, but was second among adults 18-49 with a 2.4/7 rating/share.

Last Week:

6.4/11 HH rating/share [#1]
10.40M viewers [#1]
2.6/8 A18-49 rating/share [#1]

  • 8:00 p.m.: America’s Got Talent-REPEAT (4.4/7 HH rating/share, 6.78M viewers, 1.5/5 A18-49 rating/share).
  • 9:00 p.m.: Another two-hour edition of America’s Got Talent (7.0/11 HH rating/share, 11.70M viewers, 2.8/8 A18-49 rating/share) dipped a bit from last week’s numbers (showing the drop in A18-49 performance, and in fact losing out to Hell’s Kitchen on Fox in that demographic) but still managed to draw a very respectable 11.7 million viewers–easily tops for the night (as well as among households — 7.0/11 rating/share).

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 7.7/13 to 7.0/11 (-9%)
Viewers – 12.81M to 11.70M (-9%/-1.11M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.2/9 to 2.8/8 (-12.5%)

CBS followed in second place for the evening with a 5.4/9 household rating/share and 8.39 million viewers, but was third among adults 18-49 with a 2.1/6 rating/share.

Last Week:

5.4/9 HH rating/share [#2]
8.26M viewers [#2]
1.9/6 A18-49 rating/share [#3]

  • 8:00 p.m.: NCIS-REPEAT (6.9/11 HH rating/share, 10.68M viewers, 2.1/6 A18-49 rating/share).
  • 9:00 p.m.: Big Brother (5.0/8 HH rating/share, 8.13M viewers, 2.7/7 A18-49 rating/share) has been incredibly consistent this season and last night was no exception.  The show improved by slight margins over its week-ago performance, and was a bit stronger when compared against this past Sunday’s episode.

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 4.9/8 to 5.0/8 (+2%)
Viewers – 7.79M to 8.13M (+4%/+0.34M)
Adults 18-49 – 2.6/7 to 2.7/7 (+4%)

Episode-to-episode numbers (SUN; 9/6/2009):

Households – 4.5/8 to 5.0/8 (+11%)
Viewers – 7.44M to 8.13M (+9%/+0.69M)
Adults 18-49 – 2.6/8 to 2.7/7 (+4%)

  • 10:00 p.m.: The Mentalist-REPEAT (4.4/8 HH rating/share, 6.38M viewers, 1.5/4 A18-49 rating/share).

FOX finished in third place for the evening with a 3.5/6 household rating/share and 5.98 million viewers, but managed a first place finish among adults 18-49 with a 2.7/8 rating/share.

Last Week:

3.4/6 HH rating/share [#3]
5.68M viewers [#3]
2.5/8 A18-49 rating/share [#2]

  • 8:00 p.m.: Hell’s Kitchen (4.4/7 HH rating/share, 7.61M viewers, 3.5/11 A18-49 rating/share) stayed even from the week prior (these numbers will likely go up once finals are released because the series bled into lead-out More to Love), and increased its margin over America’s Got Talent among adults 18-49 (3.5 rating vs. 2.8 rating).

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 4.4/8 to 4.4/7 (n/c)
Viewers – 7.63M to 7.61M (-0%/-0.02M)
Adults 18-49 – 3.4/12 to 3.5/11 (+3%)

  • 9:00 p.m.: More to Love (2.6/4 HH rating/share, 4.35M viewers, 1.9/5 A18-49 rating/share) bounced up a bit from its week-ago numbers.  While overall viewership remains low, the show’s A18-49 performance is actually quite adequate.  Although I’m sure Fox would have liked to see a bit stronger performance in retention (59% among households, 57% among viewers and 54% among adults 18-49).

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 2.3/4 to 2.6/4 (+13%)
Viewers – 3.81M to 4.35M (+14%/+0.54M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.8/5 to 1.9/5 (+6%)

ABC followed in fourth place for the evening with a 2.9/5 household rating/share, 4.32 million viewers and a 1.6/5 rating/share among adults 18-49.

Last Week:

2.2/4 HH rating/share [#4]
3.29M viewers [#4]
1.1/3 A18-49 rating/share [#4]

  • 8:00 p.m.: Shark Tank-REPEAT (2.2/4 HH rating/share, 3.40M viewers, 1.1/3 A18-49 rating/share).
  • 9:00 p.m.: Shaq Vs. (2.5/4 HH rating/share, 3.85M viewers, 1.5/4 A18-49 rating/share) rebounded from last week’s series lows, but remains a weak performer.

Week-to-week numbers:

Households – 2.1/3 to 2.5/4 (+19%)
Viewers – 3.29M to 3.85M (+17%/+0.56M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.3/4 to 1.5/4 (+15%)

  • 10:00 p.m.: Primetime: Family Secrets (4.0/7 HH rating/share, 5.71M viewers, 2.3/7 A18-49 rating/share) proved to be good counter-programming to the second hour of America’s Got Talent on NBC and a repeat of The Mentalist on CBS and was up a considerable degree over ABC’s most recent airing of the series and the ‘Outsiders’ edition of the franchise which aired last week.

Episode-to-episode numbers (8/4/2009):

Households – 2.3/4 to 4.0/7 (+74%)
Viewers – 3.34M to 5.71M (+71%/+2.37M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.3/4 to 2.3/7 (+77%)

Last week’s numbers (Primetime: The Outsiders):

Households – 2.4/4
Viewers – 3.68M
Adults 18-49 – 1.2/4

The CW finished in fifth place for the evening with a 1.8/3 household rating/share, 2.41 million viewers and a 1.3/4 rating/share among adults 18-49.

Last Week:

0.5/1 HH rating/share [#5]
1.18M viewers [#5]
0.5/1 A18-49 rating/share [#5]

  • So much for opening the season earlier than everyone else.  The CW continued their trend with poor ratings numbers.
  • 8:00 p.m.: The second season premiere of 90210 (1.8/3 HH rating/share, 2.56M viewers, 1.3/4 A18-49 rating/share) got things started and as you can see from the numbers referenced below, the series was down a whopping 50% and more than 2 million viewers from its year-ago series debut.  The only positive is it lifted itself out of the gutter ratings drawn for the season finale this past May, improving by nearly 1 million viewers and almost 90% in the key A18-49 demo.  But when compared against the direct year-ago numbers (9/9/2008), the decline remains a major concern (21 and 24 percent among viewers and adults 18-49, respectively).

Season premiere comparison (9/2/2008 — two-hour premiere series premiere):

Households – 3.2/5 to 1.8/3 (-44%)
Viewers – 4.65M to 2.56M (-45%/-2.09M)
Adults 18-49 – 2.6/7 to 1.3/4 (-50%)

Episode-to-episode numbers (5/19/2009 — season one finale):

Households – 1.1/2 to 1.8/3 (+64%)
Viewers – 1.71M to 2.56M (+50%/+0.85M)
Adults 18-49 – 0.7/2 to 1.3/4 (+86%)

  • 9:00 p.m.: The poor ratings flowed right into the series premiere of Melrose Place (1.7/3 HH rating/share, 2.27M viewers, 1.3/4 A18-49 rating/share).  In addition to actually decreasing from its lead-in among households and viewers (a rarity among new programs), Melrose Place failed to even match last season’s premiere of Privileged among both households and viewers (there was a slight, insignificant, improvement in A18-49 demo performance).

Series premiere comparison (9/9/2008 — Privileged):

Households – 1.9/3 to 1.7/5 (-10.5%)
Viewers – 2.64M to 2.27M (-14%/-0.37M)
Adults 18-49 – 1.2/3 to 1.3/4 (+8%)


Note: Network average numbers from the week prior are based on fast affiliate data. Comparison’s from the week prior (or episode-to-episode, etc.) on specific shows are based on final national data. Ratings for the current day are based on fast affiliate numbers. (Expect all three scenarios to be the case at all times, unless otherwise noted). The final rating for first-run episodes that aired this evening will be reported the following week. So for example, the final rating for tonight’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” will be reported in next weeks report for Tuesday, September 15, 2009. Also keep in mind that because these are fast affiliate numbers, when the finals are released there may be noticeable changes.

And lastly, there may be some errors in the data due to rounding/human error. I’ll do my best to limit those mistakes and correct them in time for the next week’s report.

Source: Fast Affiliate/Final National Ratings Data from Nielsen Media Research. Daily ratings figures can be found at PI Feedback, Zap2It and TV by the Numbers.