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DVD Review: Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season


It’s senior year for our beloved Upper East Siders, and the drama is at an all-time high. Applying for college is only one small part of the story, as new romances (and some not-so-new romances) bloom and fade, scandals erupt at every turn and alliances shift even faster than Gossip Girl can send an update. Families and reputations are destroyed and made; so are fortunes. And even the strongest friendships are tested. In this sizzling 25-episode, 7-disc Season Two, you never know what’s next for Serena, Blair, Dan, Nate, Jenny, Chuck and Vanessa. Good thing Gossip Girl is always there to provide us with the latest, juiciest info!

Head on over the jump to check out my review of the 7-disc season two DVD set.

Gossip Girl: The Complete Second Season

Available To Own On (click to purchase): DVD

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Release Date: August 18, 2009  

TV Show

I’m a sucker for these teen-oriented drama shows, and Gossip Girl was no exception when it premiered on The CW in 2007.  Unfortunately, the second season of the show failed to match the solidly entertaining first season. Whereas I was incredibly interested in watching the first season week to week — or in the case of DVD, episode to episode — I actually found myself less inclined to immediately watch the next episode during this second season.  The drop off in quality, at least in my opinion, was quite noticeable.

My biggest issue with the season pertains to the character story arcs.  I thought the writers did a disservice to most of the characters this season, with some odd character arcs that more often than not bored me. No more was that more evident than with Jenny Humphrey.  The increased screen time this season did her character no favors.  She always came across as more annoying than interesting.

And while the first season closed with an interesting amount of intrigue, the same can not be said about season two.  All in all, it was a weak outing.  Hopefully they turn back around in season three (which by the way premieres on The CW on Monday, September 14th).


The special features of this DVD set are mostly comparable in content to the season one DVD set, and they offer a nice selection to round out the set.

“Deleted Scenes” – What’s nice about the deleted scenes on this set is that they are sprinkled throughout the seven discs and are featured alongside the episode they were cut from.  That’s more preferable than having them on say the final disc.  In the event the sets are ever released on Blu-ray, it would be nice to see an option for seamless branching so we could watch the deleted scenes within the episode.  Having said that though, mostly all the cuts felt right.

5th Ave. Meets Gossip Girl This special feature basically covers, and covers well, the show’s on-location shooting in New York.  It features recollections from the crew about the basic production of the television series.  If you’re interested in the set design aspect of the show, this is a very nice extra feature.

Faces Behind the Design – This is basically just a featurette focused on the fashion, style and makeup of the series.  You get a nice mix of the various characters style and how the actor playing the character may or may not match up to their on-screen presence.

Gossip Girl: Chasing Dorota Here’s a webisode series based around — you guessed it — Blair’s maid Dorota, going around the set interacting with some other characters on the show.

“LOL A gag reel which, like most others, doesn’t fail to deliver some very funny moments.  Gag reels are one of my favorite extras on DVD’s/Blu-ray’s) and almost always search them out first.

“Jenny’s Fashion Shoot Music Video – Considering my dislike of her character, it’s safe to say that I did not like this special feature at all.  Way too annoying for my taste.

“Audio Book: You Know You Love Me” “You Know You Love Me”, an audio book from the series, is available as a download.

“Sneak Preview: I Will Always Love You” – Rounding out the set is a sneak preview — in print form — of the latest Gossip Girl novel. Titled “I Will Always Love You”, the novel is set to be released in November 2009.


For fans of the series who felt letdown by this second season, a nice selection of extras may help them decide in the favor of picking up this set.  But I can’t emphasis enough how disappointed I was with this season.  After coming off such a solid first season, I expected a good bit more from the writers than what was presented here.

My grade it is low, and perhaps I expected too much out of such a show, but coming out of the first season I know how solid this series could be, so I really don’t have a choice but to expect a more refined and entertaining series so I feel comfortable in my grade.

Overall I give this show and DVD a score of 2.5/5.

Gossip Girl Season Two: “Celebrate”