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David Twohy Talks Chronicles of Riddick Sequel

chroniclesofriddick-080309Director David Twohy told Shock Till You Drop that he has “sketched out two ideas for the next installment” in the The Chronicles of Riddick series, and out of the two “Vin [Diesel] and I have decided on one approach of those two, and there’s some interest at the studio level but it would be as a PG-13 film, and we don’t want to do that anymore.”

Twohy also talked about how he thought the scale of The Chronicles of Riddick was too large, and he would like to take a more modest approach with the third film:

“…it would probably feel more like ‘Pitch Black’ then ‘Chronicles’,” he continued. “It will always be Riddick-centric. If the question is whether it will be more like the first one than the second one, the difference is that yeah, you can sell it on its creatures and say ‘This is a creature fest and we’re going to go out as us vs. the creatures’ but that’s like a lot of different movies.”

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