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TCA 2009: Larry David Details Seinfeld Reunion on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm

seinfeld-073109Larry David detailed the upcoming Seinfeld cast reunion on his HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm.  The entire cast (Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Michael Richards) will appear in five episodes of the series along with other familiar faces (including Wayne Newman–who played a recurring role as Newman on the series).

The storyline of the arc will see Larry David, who co-created the NBC series, and the original cast agreeing to a series revival and it will follow the group through the process of re-starting the sitcom.

“The context is for years I’ve been asked about a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion — as has Jerry and the other cast members,” Larry David said at the “Curb” panel at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Pasadena.

“I would say, ‘No, there’s no reunion, we would never do that, it’s a lame idea’ … but it might be really funny to do that on ‘Curb’ … and I kept thinking of how we could pull this off, and Jerry was game … so we’re doing a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion show. … We’ll see the read-through, parts of rehearsals, the show being filmed … you won’t see the entire [mock ‘Seinfeld’ episode] … you’ll get an idea of what happened 11 years later [for the characters].”

David also noted that the finale may be an hour-long episode.

The seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres this fall on HBO.

Source: THR Feed