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Reminder: Win Green Lantern: First Flight on DVD


When pilot Hal Jordan accepts a mysterious, powerful ring from a dying alien creature, it transforms him into a Green Lantern, one of an elite force of heroes who patrol the universe to ensure peace and justice under the leadership of the Guardians of the Universe.  Unsure of their newest recruit, the Guardians assign Hal to their most-honored Green Lantern Sinestro for training, unaware that Sinestro wants to overthrow the Guardians and create a new order he’ll control.  It’s a battle of might and willpower as Hal must prove his worth by defeating Sinestro to save the Green Lantern Corps.  Voiced by a stellar cast including Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer and Michael Madsen, this DC Universe original animated adventure bursts with action-packed shakedowns, showdowns and spectacular visuals as Green Lantern uses his powers and imagination to make the impossible real!

Just a reminder that tonight is the deadline to enter my contest to win a DVD version of Warner Bros’ Green Lantern: First Flight.

Click here, or head over the jump, for details on how to enter the contest.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is send an e-mail to:

contests[insert @ here]

with the subject line “Green Lantern: First Flight” and your name and mailing address in the body of the message and I’ll randomly select the lucky winner!

Green Lantern: First Flight releases on DVD (single and two-disc) and Blu-ray Hi-Def on Tuesday, July 28th. [click any of those links to purchase the DVD or Blu-ray now].

The contest will end on Tuesday, August 4th at 8PM ET.

Good luck!