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Comic-Con 2009: Heroes Panel Impressions

The audience was very receptive to the cast and crew of NBC’s Heroes during the show’s panel at Comic-Con.  Although we all know the show’s ratings have been sliding to dangerously low levels, at least according to the impressions, you sure don’t get that feeling.  Here are some highlights from the panel. [All impressions courtesy sourced site(s)]:

  • Creator Tim Kring began the presentation by thanking the fans:

“I want to take a minute to say four years ago we came here with a pilot,” he said. “We didn’t have much to show; the series was just a twinkle. But we showed it to this crowd, and it was because of the fans here that the show became what it became. We have never forgotten that and want to thank you for standing in lines and being so loyal all this time.”

  • The current season — volume five is called “Redemption” — is about exploring the following questions: “What does an ordinary life look like when you have powers? How do you try to fit in when you have powers?”
  • In addition to the regular cast, new characters — including those in the Carnival — will be featured heavily.
  • The carnival folk include Samuel (Robert Knepper), Lydia (Dawn Olivieri) and Edgar (Ray Park).
  • Kring says the change in direction was something that has been planned for sometime:

“We have been planning this arc for quite a while, where everybody would go back to their normal lives. As a show it allows us to strip away things that are harder to relate to. When Claire is a freshman and Parkman is a detective, and then Nathan is a politician, it makes it easier. … We just want to dig a little deeper into our characters and what’s motivating them, and that’s always been a juggling act. We may see some characters sit out episodes so we can focus on the others, so we aren’t bouncing around so much.”

Complete impressions can be found at io9 and SCI FI Wire.