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New Photos: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

USA Today has a “First Look” article on their website featuring Wes Anderson’s upcoming stop-motion-animated feature The Fantastic Mr. Fox, based on the book by Roald Dahl:

“It was the first book I ever owned,” says Anderson. “My brothers and I loved Mr. Fox and all the digging. We were obsessed with underground forts and tunnels.”

In addition to a “much-expanded” plot, the transition from book to film has called for Anderson to make a few tweaks, including adding his trademark touch: a dysfunctional clan and a male rivalry.  The four Fox children have been narrowed to two: Ash (Jason Schwartzman) and his cousin Kristofferson (Eric Chase Anderson).

Schwartzman, who has worked with Anderson in three films, calls ‘Mr. Fox’ “the ultimate, adding “It’s funny, but also visually beautiful. Instead of adapting his style of directing to animation, he brought animation to him. He made a Wes film.”

Head on over to USA Today to see more photos, including a few behind-the-scenes shots of Bill Murray and Wes Anderson.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox hits theaters on November 13, 2009.