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Comic-Con 2009: Planning Already Underway For Third Star Trek?

Star Trek producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were at the Wrath of Con party at Comic-Con last night, and Orci let slip a quote that surely sounds like they and the studio are already planning ahead to a third film:

Roberto Orci: Nothing was decided [at the last meeting]. It was really about, hmmm. You know what, I’ll give you a tidbit. [They said to us] ‘We thought maybe you could do that as like 2 and 3.’

There’s also news in regards to the upcoming sequel, with Zoe Saldana revealing that she expects production next year and thinks the writers are “probably halfway done with a script.”:

I do know that they are germinating a script. That’s what they told us a month and a half ago, which actually means—in that kind of talk it means that they’re probably halfway done with a script. They just can’t present it to anybody. But they’re very excited, and there is a lot of pressure, because now it’s like, ‘Oh, do you do The Wrath of Khan or do you do this or whatever?’

A date has yet to be set for a Star Trek sequel, but the film is expected to hit theaters in 2011.

Sources: io9 and SCI FI Wire (via TrekMovie)