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Comic-Con 2009: Eureka Renewed for Fourth Season

During the panel for Syfy’s Eureka, moderator Josh Gates asked star Colin Ferguson (who is in Bulgaria filming the Syfy original movie Lake Placid 3) if he had any questions for the fans attending the panel. Ferguson replied that the only person he wanted to direct a question to was Syfy senior VP Mark Stern: will there be a fourth season? That resulted in Stern confirming that the show would be renewed, this time for 22 episodes:

“We weren’t going to announce it this way, but we are gonna be doing 22 episodes for season four. We would love at least one if not two of those episodes to be a musical,” he added.

With regards to the rest of the season, fans can look forward to a new character, Tess, showing up on the show and creating a love triangle between herself, Allison and Carter:

“Sally’s character and my character were old buddies. I suppose they got their PhDs together and they were roommates in college… I didn’t come looking for love but I guess that’s what I ended up with,” Jamie Ray Newton said of her character.

And finally, there was also the announcement that Taggart would be making a return to the show this season.

Eureka airs Friday nights at 9:00pm on Syfy.

Source: io9