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Comic-Con 2009: A Nightmare on Elm Street Panel Impressions

Platinum Dunes screened the trailer for the upcoming reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street and then those in attendance were treated to a Q&A with heads Andrew Form and Brad Fuller along with director Samuel Bayer and Jackie Earle Haley (Freddy Krueger). Here are some highlights from the panel [All impressions courtesy sourced site(s)]:

  • The film just finished shooting a few weeks ago, but they were able to put together the teaser trailer presented to the audience.
  • While the trailer seems to have gone over well, Collider expressed some disappointment it wasn’t more of the red band variety.
  • has a detailed rundown of what was presented in the trailer; As does SCI FI Wire.
  • At least according to the trailer, Haley pulls off Freddy with ease: “In the clips we saw from the film, it’s obvious the man who grimaced and growled his way through Watchmen can master the role of Freddie. He has the presence to pull off a Freddie who is more kinetic and serious than the wisecracking original. The movie itself felt like it was striving to be less slapstick horror and more genuinely horrifying.” [io9]
  • But io9 also offers this caveat: “As great as Haley is, I think he’s wasted in this flick. No amount of his hardcore scare power can save a movie that wants to be seriously frightening but just (at least in what I saw) managed to look like every other horror movie about teen slaughter and vengeful ghosts.”
  • When asked by an audience member whether this is an origin story, Form and Fuller explain that not really the case: “This certainly isn’t an origin story. We’re creating our own mythology based on Wes Craven’s story. There’s a little bit of it, but I wouldn’t say we’re bogged down in it.” [/Film]
  • Someone asked whether the original Freddy Robert Englund would be returning for a cameo and the answer was a no.  However, he is said to be very supportive of Haley taking on the role.
  • Haley on the makeup: “I always felt like if I tried to go out in the world wearing the make-up [without the costume]…I think people would have thought it was real. I think it’s scarier, I think it’s more disconcerting and alarming.” [/Film]

A Nightmare on Elm Street hits theaters on April 30, 2010.

For complete accounts of the panel, check the source sites: Collider,, /Film, io9 and SCI FI Wire