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Comic-Con 2009: The Hobbit Script Due in Three Weeks + LOTR Blu-ray News

Peter Jackson revealed that the first draft of the script for The Hobbit will get delivered to the studio in three weeks.  Jackson also, once again, debunked rumors about casting.  Jackson explained that they can’t begin the casting process until there is a budget and schedule in place, although they have discussed the casting process.  That includes the writing standout personalities for the dwarves (idea of having 4 or 5 standouts).

Also noted that the studio still hasn’t even officially green lit the project.  The plan remains though for a December 2011for the first ‘Hobbit’ and a December 2012 release for the second.  Jackson says that he has had such an easy time delving back into Middle Earth that he almost regrets not directing.

Jackson was asked by Collider about the progress of the Blu-ray LOTR releases.  Jackson revealed that the first films out will be the theatrical versions, followed by the extended editions a year later.  The wait could be worth it though because Jackson says the studio is interested in doing some new extras for the Blu-ray extended editions.

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