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Comic-Con 2009: New Moon Panel Impressions

newmoon-072309Two brand new clips were presented at the highly anticipated panel for Summit Entertainment’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon.  The panel was moderated by Eric Moro and featured director Christopher Weitz, stars Ashley Greene, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. [All impressions courtesy sourced site(s)]:

  • Two clips were shown.  The first scene was an intimate moment between Jacob and Bella, where Jacob is teaching Bella to ride the motorcycle.  Although Jacob taking off his shirt to wipe away the blood from Bella’s forehead after a fall got the biggest reaction from the audience, SCI FI Wire saw improvement: “…what stands out most about the scene is how much more sophisticated and well executed it was than virtually any of the action scenes in the first film. And while the scene might not quite qualify as action, it promised a generally better and more cinematic experience for folks who are still on the fence about Twilight, or otherwise contemplating how many times their significant other will drag them to see it.”
  • For full rundowns on the two clips head on over to io9 and SCI FI Wire.
  • Director Chris Weitz talking about taking the reigns of the franchise over from Twilight director Catherine Hardwick: “I’ve inherited a great cast, a book that people love, a screenwriter who adapted the first one successfully and did a great job of taming the huge amount of material from the first one. At first the notion of a male director was a tough sell to fans of the books. Little do they know how much like Bella I actually am. We all identify with being broken up, except for the part where you get them back in the end, it rarely works like that in real life.” [io9]
  • Weitz says that the biggest challenge to presenting the Volturi was getting the cast right: “I got a chance to add to this cast, and get Michael Sheen, Dakota Fanning, Christopher Heyerdahl (who’s an extraordinary Canadian actor) and Jamie Campbell Bowers. If you get actors of that caliber, it’s easy for you.” As for the look of the Volturi’s lair, “I wanted to take every cliche possible, and throw it out. You’re not going to see Dracula’s castle, and dripping wax, that sort of thing… Or if you do, you’ll see it briefly on your way to something totally unexpected.” [io9]
  • Hair talk: Taylor Lautner didn’t sport a wig in the sequel, while Kristen Stewart described her lock’s in the film thusly: “I think my hair is kind of like this character in the movie. It’s flowing, it’s good though, because it’s untouched. She doesn’t want to change, she’s so terrified of anything being different. By Breaking Dawn, it’s just going to be at my feet.” [io9]
  • SCI FI Wire closed out their report with the following positive assessment: “New Moon truly looks superior to its predecessor, even if it’s not quite destined to replace the rest of the crowd’s excitement for Avatar or any of a dozen other decidedly more masculine properties.”

For complete accounts of the panel, check the source sites: io9, and SCI FI Wire