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Comic-Con 2009: Kick-Ass Panel Impressions [UPDATED]


UPDATE: You can find two more sources of information for panel impressions at SCI FI Wire and Superhero Hype.

Original article follows below.

Director Mathew Vaughn was joined by Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar to present a few scenes from the upcoming comic book adaptation.  [All impressions courtesy sourced site(s)]:

  • Several clips from the film were shown during the panel, all of which were pretty much lifted directly from the comic.
  • Mark Millar confirmed that some story elements were changed: “(he says they were improved since Vaughn had such a long time to work on the film), for the most part the film is sticking to the source. The first clip followed the first few pages of the comic, which featured a costumed hero jumping off a building to an untimely demise.” [/Film]
  • “The action choreography was clean as well as free of rapid cuts and shaky cam, and it became clear that the casting was perfect across the board. Aaron Johnson was perfectly geeky as Dave Lizewski, Moretz fit her role like a glove, and even Nicholas Cage shined since the Big Daddy role actually needs him to chew on scenery.” [/Film]
  • Director Matthew Vaughn says that they are shooting for a first quarter 2010 release, but they are still looking for a distributor so the release could come later in 2010.