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Comic-Con 2009: District 9 Panel Impressions + New Photos

District 9Sony screened all Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 last night.  Producer Peter Jackson was also in attendance.  Here are some highlights from the panel and any follow-up analysis/interviews. [All impressions courtesy sourced site(s)]:

  • Sony screened the entire film last night during the panel.  The overall consensus seems to be that this is going to be an incredible film and many will be surprised how much they there able to accomplish with just a $30 million budget:
  • “…the quick info is that it’s fucking great…suffice it to say it’s unlike anything I’ve seen and you will not believe what they managed to do with $30 million dollars. Also, Peter told us all the aliens were CGI in the movie, and that’s another thing that I couldn’t believe. They had some close-ups that looked truly amazing and it really looks so much more expensive than that price.” [Collider]
  • “…the movie is original and unexpected, with a gritty look and visceral feel that deftly mix complex visual effects with the grim reality of a South African slum and rocking action with deep character development. The movie combines social commentary, satire and splattery R-rated sci-fi action.” [SCI FI Wire]
  • …I have to tell you this film was awesome. Every once in a while a great sci-fi film comes along that turns the genre on its a head. This felt like one of those films. It has great commentaries on society, cultural differences, prejudice, and other real world issues. But at the same time it manages to dish up special effects and gritty, nasty action that is unlike anything seen in recent memory…this film is really going to fly under the radar and knock your socks off. This is a case where the trailers and commercials have NOT ruined the movie for a change. You’re gonna love it.” []

For complete accounts of the panel, check the source sites: Collider, SCI FI Wire and

A new batch of photos, including the one above, have been released.  I’ve included a few more after the jump.  District 9 hits theaters on August 14, 2009.

District 9

District 9

District 9

Check out three more photos at SCI FI Wire.