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Comic-Con 2009: V Pilot Screening Impressions

vtitlecardlogo-072309UPDATED ON 7/23/2009 @ 9:20AM: /Film has uploaded a video of their impressions of the pilot.  Watch it at this link.

Original article follows below.

Another pilot screened during Comic-Con’s preview night Wednesday was ABC’s remake of the classic 1980’s sci-fi miniseries V.  The series — which premieres midseason 2010 — comes from The 4400 creator Scott Peters and stars Elizabeth Mitchell as FBI agent Erica Evans and Laura Vandervoort and Morena Baccarin as the aliens Lisa and Anna, respectively. [All impressions courtesy sourced site]

V [via IGN]

  • “…had plenty of intriguing moments, as several of the characters tried to process what was occurring, including a reporter (played by Scott Wolf) who sees his star rise after he meets Anna [played byMorena Baccarin], and Father Jack Landry, a priest played by The 4400’s Joel Gretsch…Gretsch has some of the best moments in the pilot…”
  • “The V pilot suffers a bit from feeling rushed – we are shown events that obviously are supposed to happen over the course of weeks, but with only a 44 minute running time, it’s sometimes hard for some of the things occurring to resonate, and I found myself wishing it was a two-hour pilot.”
  • “However, there is a ton of potential here for a very strong ongoing series, and some nicely done revelations near the end set the stage for bigger things to come.”