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Comic-Con 2009: Human Target Pilot Screening Impressions


UPDATED ON 7/23/2009 @ 9:20AM: /Film has uploaded a video of their impressions of the pilot.  Watch it at this link.

Original article follows below.

As you know, Wednesday night was the preview night for Comic-Con 2009 in San Diego.  One of the three pilots screened for those in attendance was Fox’s Human Target which stars Mark Valley as Christopher Chance, Chi McBride as Winston and Jackie Earle Haley as Guerrero.  Here are some impressions from the pilot screening [All impressions courtesy sourced site]

Human Target [via IGN]

  • …”Target has a sort of breezy intensity that works well. With the bulk of the pilot taking place on board the maiden trek of the super train, we’re led on a high speed and high stakes ride that’s filled with some great action sequences.”
  • “The character of Winston seems to only be around in to lend an occasional ‘are you out of your mind?…McBride is fine in what seems to be, so far, a thankless role. As of this point, Winston’s the guy who exists only to mirror Chance’s actions and emotions to the audience – possibly in hopes of helping us find Chance interesting at the outset.”
  • “Aside from the pacing and action, the series’ greatest asset is Haley. He is great as Guerrero and projects a creepy confidence that puts us both on edge and at ease…He’s able to slink in and out of the criminal world, finding out information, and still make it feel as exciting as a car chase.”
  • “Sure, we don’t get wind up feeling fully invested in any of the characters, but there are still glimpses of potential in this thrilling episode. This is definitely one of the best fall pilots we here at IGN TV have seen to date.”