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McG: Terminator Salvation Will Have 30-40 Minutes of Deleted Scenes + Reveals Scrapped Original Ending And New Photos

terminatorsalvation-051109In a new interview with Collider, McG revealed that the DVD/Blu-ray version of the film house 30-40 minutes of deleted scenes.  In addition to the much-discussed, but ultimately removed Moon Bloodgood topless scene, there’s also more of John Connor giving speeches:

“There are great long takes of Connor giving speeches, evoking Sarah Connor that we ultimately lifted because I didn’t want it to feel that he was dependent on the voice of his mother to find his leadership.”

Video of the Collider interview after the jump, plus read what McG had planned for the original ending of the film after the jump.

And because I mostly hate spoilers and am note entire sure I want to know about this, here’s the ending, courtesy io9 (I just copy and pasted, so I don’t know what this contains):

“We had a jet-black ending. Connor dies, we’re in a room with all the people we care about. You take Connor’s likeness, you put it on the living machine of Marcus. He sits up, now looking like Christian Bale, takes a gun, kills Kate, kills Kyle, kills Star, kills everybody, eyes flare red, [snaps] the end.”

Warner Bros. has officially released several new photos from the film, which you can check out over at /Film.