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Star Trek Opening Weekend: $79.2M (Thur: $4M, Fri: $26.89M, Sat: $27.25M, Sun: $21.06M) + $35.5M Foreign [CONTINUALLY UPDATED]


UPDATE: 5/11/2009 4:30PM

Here are the finals, courtesy Box Office Mojo:

  • Thur: 4.00M (4.00M cume)
  • Fri: $26.89M (30.89M)
  • Sat: $27.25M ($58.14M)
  • Sun: $21.06M ($79.20M)

So that’s $75.20M for Fri-Sat-Sun and $79.20M including Thursday.  Add-in the estimated $35.5M from foreign box office, and the film is currently at $114.7M worldwide.

UPDATE: 5/11/2009 3:20PM

Nikki Finke updated her article to write that Star Trek‘s actuals out-performed the studio estimates, due to a much stronger than expected Sunday performance of $21.2M.  Overall, the film took in $79.3M from Thur-Sun.  As soon as the official breakdowns for the weekend are released, I’ll update again.

UPDATE: 5/10/2009 11:30PM

Before I get to the international numbers, which are out now, I want to touch on an aspect of the IMAX numbers, which I overlooked earlier today.  The $8.3M figure is actually the most-ever for the format, well ahead of the previous high of $6.3M by The Dark Knight.  That’s very important to note and shouldn’t have missed that.

Alirght, now onto the international numbers.  Unfortunately, unlike the domestic figures, these numbers aren’t that impressive.  It pulled in what Variety calls “a solid rather than spectacular” $35.5 million in 54 markets. While that was enough to win the international crown for the week, it placed first in just 23 of those markets and just barely was ahead of ‘Wolverine’, which grabbed $29.7 million (albeit ‘Wolverine’ played in more markets — 102 vs. 54 — and more playdates — 8,978 vs. >5,000 — than Star Trek, but still).

So through 3.5 days at the box office, Star Trek sits at $112 million worldwide.

While the foreign receipts are low in relation to what it has done domestically, Paramount notes that the film still came in at 3% ahead of the 2005 re-invetion Batman Begins, and that film finished with $167 million in foreign receipts.  Star Trek is also far exceeding international numbers from previous films in the franchise, especially 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis which only managed $24.1 million total in overseas box office receipts.

UPDATE: 5/10/2009 1:45PM

The studio estimates are out, and it’s looking even better than expected. Star Trek took in an estimated $76.5M over the four day frame.  Pulling in $72.5M Fri-Sat-Sun, plus $4M from the Thursday night showings.  Here’s the break down:

  • Thur: $4M
  • Fri: $26.8M
  • Sat: $27.4M
  • Sun:  $18.3M (projection)

While a 2% bump from Friday to Saturday isn’t uncommon, it is significant that the film did not lose any audience on Saturday, indicating that it’s reaching more than just the hard core fan base.

Previous updates follow below the fold.

UPDATE: 5/10/2009 1:45AM

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Star Trek managed to build on its Friday box office by 8%, posting an impressive $26M on Saturday.  The film is estimated to have already taken in $57M (including Thursday night’s $7M screenings) and the Sunday projection ($18M) puts it on course for a $68M Fri-Sat-Sun frame  and $75M overall.  Very impressive.  The Saturday increase proves that it’s playing well not just with its hard core fan base (which obviously turned out in droves on Thursday night and Friday), but with the general movie-going audience.

UPDATE: 5/9/2009 1:15PM

The studio estimates are out, and they’re more or less in line with predictions: $24M Friday ($31M with the Thursday-midnight screenings).

Meanwhile, Nikkie Finke has updated her article to reflect the studio estimates , however, her weekend estimate remains the same: $72-75 million.  Rival studios don’t expect more than $65M over the Fri-Sat-Sun frame ($72M for the four-day) “because it’s not expanding as the night goes on”.

UPDATE: 5/9/2009 1:00PM

Couple updates.  ShowBIZ Data’s estimate for Friday is more in line with what Steve Mason predicted, actually, slighter higher even, but they seem to have narrowed down the Pic’s 7:00pm-12am Thursday numbers.  They show an estimate of $26.51M on Friday, but $30.01M overall.  So taking those numbers, we can say that Star Trek took in $3.5M on Thursday night shows, and $26.51M from 12:01am Friday on.  So if ShowBIZ turns out to be correct, it looks like midnight numbers accounted for about $3.5M of Star Trek’s Friday Box Office:

  • Thursday Previews: $3.5M ($3.5M cume)
  • Friday Midnight: $3.5M ($7.0M)
  • Friday: $23.01M ($30.01M)

Rounding out the rest of the prediction services is  They expect the film to pull in $68M during the Fri-Sat-Sun frame, and $75M overall when the Thursday/Friday previews are added in.

UPDATE: 5/9/2009 1:45AM
Steve Mason’s estimates are slightly higher than those that Nikkie Finke is reporting. Mason has Star Trek’s Friday numbers at $26M ($33M with Thursday/Friday previews) and has upped his opening weekend number to $76.7M (his initial four-day prediction was $65M).

Here are his updated numbers:

  • Opening Day: $26M ($33M with Thursday/Friday previews)
  • Opening Weekend: $69.68M ($76.68M with Thursday/Friday previews)

Original article follows below
According to preliminary numbers starting to roll in, Star Trek managed to pull in an impressive $25 million on Friday, putting the film’s total cume at an estimated $32 million when the approximately $7 million from Thursday night/Midnight showings are added in.  Here’s what Nikkie Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily writes:

Sources tell me that the North American opening number for Paramount’s Star Trek grosses today is looking like $25 million. So, adding in Thursday 7 PM-Midnight night screenings, the reimagined space odyssey has made $32 million so far. My insiders say the total weekend number now could easily reach $72M. “But it still has a shot at $75M if it gets any bump on Saturday,” an exec explains.

bolded for emphasis

More important, however, was how the movie seems to be doing overseas, a critical indicator for Paramount:

I hear the studio is celebrating international figures already: how “it’s pretty spectacular” that JJ Abrams’ reboot in the UK, Australia, and Germany made almost the same as Fox’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine in those territories last weekend. Star Trek opened day and date in 54 countries Friday. “Remember, this movie franchise has never done $100M international before,” an exec reminds me tonight.

While its opening looks like it’ll come in below what ‘Wolverine’ pulled in last weekend ($85.1M) — at the moment at least — some perspective is in order.  After all, this is a franchise that was doomed to extinction just a few years ago.  Here are some basic stats:

  • The previous record for biggest opening day for a Star Trek film belonged to 1996’s Star Trek: First Contact at $13M.
  • The most recent film in the franchise, 2002’s Star Trek: Nemesis had an opening day of just $7.7 million.  Yes, nearly less than what Star Trek (2009) is estimated to have pulled in with just late Thursday/Friday midnight screenings ($7-8M).
  • Star Trek: Nemesis opened to just $18.5M and overall grossed $67.3M (foreign and domestic).  Yes, that’s below what Star Trek (2009) is expected to rake in in just its opening weekend.
  • Best opening weekend: Star Trek: First Contact ($30.7M).  Even adjusting ‘First Contact’ for inflation, Star Trek (2009) will still have a bigger opening (‘First Contact’ adjusted for inflation: $49.9M).

This is a franchise whose best domestic gross stands at just $109.7M (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home — just above Star Trek: First Contact which pulled in $92M).

One more remarkable set of statistics.  In just one weekend, Star Trek (2009) has the opportunity to surpass the entire domestic cume of Star Trek: Nemesis ($43.3M), Star Trek V: The Final Frontier ($52.2M), Star Trek Insurrection ($70.2M) and perhaps even Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country ($74.9M), Star Trek: Generations ($75.7M) and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock ($76.5M).  Those numbers aren’t adjusted for inflation, of course, but still.

So now you see why these numbers are so impressive.  Congratulations J.J. and the rest of the Star Trek cast and crew.  You have successfully revived the franchise

I’ll continue to update this post throughout the weekend as the numbers come in.