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Sequel Talk With Star Trek Crew

startrek-050509In a new interview with, Star Trek screenwriters Alex Kurzman and Roberto Orci, and producer Damon Lindelof discussed the proposed sequel (for which all three are signed for script duties).  Here are some highlights from the interview:

CS: Are you thinking about a sequel?

Lindelof: Alex, Bob and I are going to be writing it together. We’ve started preliminary talks with J.J., but obviously it’s almost jinxing it to get too far down the road. We want it to come out, we hope it does well, and then we’ll take it to the next year. We’re a little curious as to what the audience wants. We’ll start to get a sense of what they are responding to in the movie. We want to write it for them too.

Kurtzman: We’re HOPING sequel. We had the amazing privilege of falling in love with these characters all over again. The idea that we would let them go now seems inconceivable. We can’t wait. Hopefully they will let us do one.

Orci: Fans have been so important. We genuinely mean it when we say we want to wait and see what they think of the first movie. We want to see if we are lucky enough to get a demand for a second movie. Lets see what our fan consultants say. We were fans. These “Star Trek” fans are some of the smartest fans in the world.

CS: You’re already conversant with the lore and mythology. Are you thinking about finding the elements from the most iconic shows and putting a spin on those?

Lindelof: I think that everybody is expecting us to do “Okay, now it’s the continuing adventures of the Starship Enterprise, so they can start doing the stories”… Our approach to those stories will be from an entirely different angle. Hopefully the old fans will go “Oh, wow. That looks familiar to me.” But then suddenly we zig instead of zagging. Or we warp instead of going impulse power. That’s what is exciting about doing this.

Head on over to to read the rest of the interview.

Star Trek hits theaters on May 8, 2009 (with early showings beginning at 7:00pm on May 7th).