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Terminator: TSCC and Dollhouse Not Dead Yet

tsccdollhouse-042009Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse are two Fox SF series that are in danger of cancellation, but the heads of both shows want to make it clear that despite reports to the contrary, neither show is dead yet.

Joss Whedon, speaking at the Paley Festival, told the audience that he’s a little optimistic because the network bosses love the show and will be looking at the full picture — including iTunes purchases, DVR playback, etc. where the show does better — before coming to a conclusion.

In related news, speaking about the drama surrounding the 13th episode, Joss told Zap2It that Fox may end up airing it after all:

“I’ve been in contact with the network and the studio making a great big push for them to [air that last hour],” Joss said. “The problem isn’t just with the network though, the studio also looks at it and goes, DVD goodness! So, [my goal] is getting them both excited about putting it on the air. They’re looking in to it, I haven’t gotten an answer yet, but I know that they are honestly discussing it, the same way they are obviously discussing a second season. They have to weigh in all the factors. I know I’m being dealt with in a reasonable fashion, so whatever the outcome, I’ll know I pushed as hard as I could and they did what they could. I have hope [it’ll work out].”

More on Dollhouse, plus an update on the status of Terminator: TSCC — including what’s being planned for season three in the event the show gets picked up — after the jump.And for those interested in the situation behind the 13th episode, Whedon elloborated on the behind-the-scenes drama (via SCI FI Wire):

“The decision had to do with the studio saying, ‘We need another episode for our package, and we can’t afford one,'” Whedon said. “‘Can you do a clip show? Can we show the unaired pilot?’ I’m like, ‘No, you can’t. It wouldn’t make any sense. Besides, we cannibalized it for parts. Most of it’s in other episodes.’ And they were like, ‘Well, we really have to have 13 for foreign.’ And I said, ‘I’ll tell you what. I’ll shoot a post-apocalyptic thriller that’s all on our sets in six days with a cast of four other people, then we’ll pepper it with different bits from our regular cast, and we can do it all during the schedule. It’ll cost you half. I can do this.’ And I was so in love with the idea that I just came up with off the top of my head, and that’s what it turned into. It’s one of the best episodes we’ve ever made.”

Moving to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, writer Ashley Edward Miller and creator/executive producer Josh Friedman are both downplaying Michael Ausiello’s EW article that the show has already been canceled:

Miller: “Time for Ausiello’s semi-annual SCC termination report. False again. (Remember “sets were destroyed” report? Now you know context, people).

Friedman: Waiting for Michael Åusiello to tell me what I’m supposed to do now with my career.

Meanwhile, star Brian Austin Green (Derek Reese) provided the first details about what is planned for the third season if the show is renewed [SPOILERS] (via Comic Book Resources):

The third season is going to be incredible, if it happens. There were no intentions of this being a series finale. It was absolutely a season finale. There’s a plan where this can go and it’s so good…. You have this episode where John Connor travels to a future where John Connor never existed. I don’t know if people completely get it because we work on a string theory, which we’ve dealt with during the season. We dealt with that with Jessie, in the future that she came from there was Charles Fisher, who tortured everyone. In the future I came from, he never existed. I don’t remember him. We were still together within these parallel futures but they were still different and they still had their own paths. This is the same concept. For John Connor to travel to a future where he never existed, where Kyle Reese never left, where Derek and Kyle are still fighting side by side, where Allison (the human Cameron was based on) is still very much present, what becomes of John? What better situation for somebody to grow up in and become the future leader than that? Than to be fighting in what he’s been trying to prevent? Not just being the top dog, being listened to for everything, but having to actually listen and follow.

Be sure to head on over to Comic Book Resources to read the rest of the interview with Green.