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ABC’s Fast Forward, CBS’s NCIS Spinoff Among Pilots Generating Buzz

fastforward-042009The Hollywood Reporter has an article out about the pilots generating early buzz.  Chief among them is ABC’s sci-fi drama Flash Forward from Brannon Braga and David Goyer.  THR notes that the pilot, starring Joseph Fiennes, is a lock for a series order.

Other “hot” pilots over at ABC include Happy Town, Eastwick and Inside the Box, while Limelight, V, and the Dave Hemingson project also “looking good”.  ABC’s also looking at last year’s pilot Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas again after the pilot missed the cut in August.

Other highlights that I took from the article follow after the fold.

In addition to the already ordered Glee at Fox, the network’s comic-book based pilot Human Target, directed by Simon West and starring Jackie Earle Haley, is considered “a shoo-in”.

At NBC, the Peter Berg-produced pilot Trauma is looking strong, as is Parenthood, which is based on the 1989 movie.  David E. Kelley’s Legally Mad and the Katee Sackhoff starrer Lost & Found are also in serious contention at NBC.

Most interesting, in my opinion at least since I’m a big sci-fi fan, is that the article makes no mention of Day One, the post-apocalyptic drama from Heroes writer Jesse Alexander.

Moving to CBS, the “sure bet” at network is the NCIS spinoff starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J.

Over at The CW, all six of the networks pilots are tracking well, with the new Melrose Place “considered a go, and network brass is said to be happy with the ‘Gossip Girl’ planted spinoff, also considered a front-runner.”

Be sure to head on over to THR to read the entire article, which contains news on pilots not mentioned here.