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Richard Dean Anderson Confirms Appearance on SGU + Michael Shanks Also Appearing and 3rd SG-1 Movie Green-lit

richarddeanandersonsg1-040909Richard Dean Anderson has confirmed to his official fan site that he will be making multiple guest appearances on the first season of SGU: Stargate Universe, including the show’s two-hour series premiere (“Air,” Parts 1 and 2).

I reported on the casting news last week, but this is the first confirmation from the actor himself.  He’s expected to be in about half-dozen episodes of the series. Quotes from RDA, plus news on Shanks role in the new series and MGM greenlighting a third SG-1 film after the jump.

Here’s what RDA told

“I was up there doing a snippet of a scene with Robert Carlyle and I’ll be going back March 17 for another scene in part 2 of the two-hour,” Anderson said. “I had told Brad [Wright] that if he wanted help in the launch of Universe I’d love to be a part of it. (Truth be known, I missed those guys ‘n gals.)

“So I’ll make a few slim appearances in the first half-dozen episodes, or so. Again, details are sketchy, but I’ve already shot the first of my scenes so the ball is rolling. Andy Mikita is directing the two-hour, so we had a good hug and huge laugh.”

Anderson also confirmed that a third SG-1 movie, to be written by Brad Wright and Carl Binder, has been officially green-lit by MGM. Here’s what Wright told GateWorld about the film:

“When we start shooting the Stargate SG-1 movie depends on whether we do the two movies back-to-back,” Wright elaborated during his on-stage Q&A with executive producer Robert C. Cooper at the Creation convention Sunday. “The Stargate SG-1 movie will probably start shooting in the fall. I say ‘probably’ because there are a lot of deals that have to be finished being put in place before that can actually happen. That would leave the summer [of 2010] as the release time, roughly around the same as Continuum.”

And finally, consulting producer Joseph Mallozzi confirmed on his blog that Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson) will be making a cameo appearance in the series premiere: “Michael will have a cameo in the premiere,” he said.