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Site Info – New Domain:

Alright, I’ve successfully moved from to  Change your bookmarks (if you enter the original address, you’ll be re-directed automatically).

I’ll be tweaking with the layout over the coming hours and days.  New articles will be posted here, and I’ll use the account as a backup if need be.

Enjoy the new site.  There’s a ton more options available to me with over so while I don’t plan on really changing anything drastically, I think you’ll enjoy the new tweaks and such. :)


Alright.  Everything seems to be going smoothly.  The biggest change you’ll notice, besides the new look, is that I’ve implemented Intense Debate for the commenting.  There wasn’t anything particularly bad about WordPress’s basic comment system, it’s just that I prefer Intense Debate’s.

I’m always open to suggestions, so feel free e-mail me at russtc [@] yourentertainmentnow [dot] com if you would like to discuss anything.