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Knight Rider Probably Not Coming Back

knightrider-102608Last Wednesday’s season finale of Knight Rider will likely serve as the show’s series finale.  TV Guide is reporting that despite heavy reto0ling, the show will not be returning for a second season.  Last Wednesday’s finale drew just 5.68 million viewers and a 1.7 A18-49 rating, down 23 and 32 percent, respectively from the show’s season premiere last fall  (7.35M viewers and a 2.5 A18-49 rating).  NBC refused comment.

  • Yvonne Taylor

    Series 1 finished a short while ago in Australia and I have been waiting patiently for it to come back, my husband and I used to look forward to watching the show every week and I really miss it.
    Please bring Knight Rider back.

  • Zach

    I loved watching Night rider on wensday night so please bring it back

  • TOM

    NBC need to get there head out of there ass and wake up make shows people want to see not what they want to see.

  • Nbc Sucks

    The people at NBC are complete Idiots. They do not care what we actually want to watch only what they want! Bring Knight Rider Back it is a good show the only complaint i have is Kitt is not used enough he needs more involvment in the Show.

  • Jlamantia

    please put knight rider back on my family loved it

  • And I was beginning to appreciate the new KITT. It’s still as amazing as the original, but it would have been great if the original Trans-Am KITT was shown in the new series. That, and maybe more of David Hasselhoff. They should have added some of the classic elements of the show in this series. Maybe, that could have given it a lot more views.

  • english kitt lover

    I thought the 08 series of knight rider was brilliant.. It should have had david hasslehoff brought back in to it. He could have been like the new devon miles and help sarah run flag.. NBC should have run the series for another season for people to get into it 1 season is not enough. Bring it back now!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joemontey


  • Arijit Hembram

    I am still hoping that Knight Rider will be coming back with its second season…….I don’t know why this rating was so bad..but whatever its ratings this show is awesome….I really like to see it again and again

  • Mmic

    when they cancele knight rider i stopped watching all shows from there channel specialy how they raped it.  they should bring it back they finakly got it to were the original was wanting to go so they have a major open field to go with.

  • Richardbloomfield2002

    bring it back please i miss it

  • we need knight rider back i love it some how there is a way