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WonderCon 2009: Watchmen Panel


Here are a few highlights from the WonderCon 2009 Watchmen panel courtesy AICN and io9.  The panel discussion included director Zack Snyder, illustrator Dave Gibbons and stars Malin Akerman (Silk Spectre II), Billy Crudu0p (Dr. Manhattan), Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian) and Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl II).

  • The studio originally had an idea of doing an Ocean’s Eleven type cast, comprised of huge movie stars, but that ended up not happening. Snyder talked to Tom Cruise for a while, but he was busy with Valkyrie, and Snyder was never sure what role Cruise would play.
  • Snyder said he would not be doing a sequel: “No. Not with me, anyway.”
  • Snyder called the movie Depression-era cinema… It’s like a regular movie with 40 more minutes at no extra cost!
  • Patrick Wilson was the first person cast, Billy Crudup the last.
  • The movie’s “director’s cut” is three hours and ten minutes, and will hopefully have a theatrically run in July.
  • Included in the cut will be extra violence, more blue nudity, Hollis Mason’s death, and some other “bits and bobs.”
  • The original script that the studio gave Snyder, when he first agreed to do the movie, ended with Nite Owl killing Ozymandias by crashing the Owl-ship into him via remote control. Nite Owl even says a cool catch phrase immediately afterwards.