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Action Comics #1 To Be Auctioned Online

actioncomicsnumber1small-022609A rare copy of Action Comics #1, the first comic to feature Superman, will be put up for auction on Friday.  Action Comics #1 was published in June 1938 and is considered by most experts to be the world’s most valuable comic book.  Estimated value is about $126,000.

“It’s the Holy Grail of comic books,” said comic expert Stephen Fishler, who created the 10-point grading scale that has become the industry standard for evaluating comic books.

“This is the one that started it all. There was no such thing as a super hero before it. No flying man. Comics weren’t even that popular. It’s the single most important event in comic book history,” he said.

Fishler, founder of New York‘s Metropolis Collectibles, will manage the auction of the comic at

The unidentified seller says he bought the comic in 1950 when he was 9 years old.  Price? 35 cents. Lucky, lucky guy.

The auction begins on Friday, February 27th and will conclude on Friday, March 13th.

via Yahoo! News