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Wii Storage Solution Coming Soon?

nintendologo-012909Back in October of last year, Nintendo announced that they were working on a much-desired storage solution for the Nintendo Wii, promising that the solution would arrive by Spring.  In a recent podcast, IGN revealed that a date has been determined.  The podcast also revealed that the latest Nintendo Voice Chat update (towards the end of March), will allow for gamers to save their games directly to their SD cards.

Other news from the podcast:

  • Confirmed that Retro Studios is working on remakes of of Metroid Prime 1 and 2 that will use the Wiimote.
  • Crystal Defenders will be released in the United States
  • More dark games will be announced in the near future
  • Some major IPs are coming from some publishers
  • Confirmed that the development team behind Excite Truck are working on another game

via Nintendo Everything