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New Watchmen Image + Zack Snyder Launches New Website


EW has a new image of what director Zack Snyder says is one of the first glimpses audiences will have of the film’s anti-hero, Rorschach, as he shoots a grappling gun into the Comedian’s apartment while investigating his fallen comrade’s mysterious death. Snyder also today announced a new website for his production company Cruel and Unusual Films.  Check it out at  Here’s what Snyder told EW about the site:

“We just wanted to have a place where people could see what we’re up to,” Snyder tells exclusively about the site. “As a company, we’re into a lot of cool stuff, like aesthetic and design. The movies we make, and are making, feed a lot off of pop-culture.” The site includes a section called The Lounge, where the company — which includes producer Wesley Coller and Snyder’s wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder — list what they’re watching (the anime film Appleseed), reading (Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead) and listening to (Allison Crow’s “Hallelujah”).

Snyder also invites artists to submit versions of the Cruel and Unusual Films logo: A rough-and-tumble anime Catholic schoolgirl called Baby Doll who’ll be the heroine of Snyder’s in-the-works project Sucker Punch. “I always thought it would be cool, like, ‘Hey, Frank Miller, you should draw a version of Baby Doll,'” Snyder says. “[Drawing her] is kind of a fun assignment, you know, for the world.”