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FCC Reviewing NBC’s Golden Globes Telecast

66thgoldenglobes-011209You had to see this coming.

After receiving 18 complaints, the FCC said yesterday that it is reviewing the program for possible violations of indecency rules.  Seriously?  The event was watched by about 14.9 million people, 18 of them complain and that triggers  an investigation?

The biggest issue was when director Darren Aronofsky was caught on camera jokingly making the “flipping the bird” gesture at actor Mickey Rourke.

There were also a few other incidents that involved some colorful language, some of which was censored by NBC censors.

“We received 18 complaints about the Golden Globes telecast,” FCC spokeswoman Edie Herman wrote in an e-mail to The Times, “and the commission is reviewing the matter.”

An NBC spokeswoman confirmed that it aired the Aronofsky gesture on the live telecast. “On the West Coast, it went to black for two seconds,” the spokeswoman e-mailed. “Beyond that, we have no further comment.”

Aronofsky’s publicist, Karen Samfilippo, said earlier this week that she had not heard anything from NBC about the matter.

Source: LA Times